Hands Free Handbags For the Parks

There are a lot of basic necessities to remember when visiting the Disney Parks—sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, a water bottle, and the perfect handbag. With a Mickey pretzel in one hand and a churro in the other, it’s important to have your hands free at all times. Fortunately for us, there are a few trending bag styles made to make your park visit simple and hands free.

Zara Brown Crossbody Bag


A medium-sized backpack is the largest carry-all allowed into the parks. While there are lockers available to house extra layers, small blankets, and the like, a backpack is an alternative way to hang on to your layers for fireworks later in the evening. The backpack trend has grown tremendously over the past few years, with styles available in prints, textured fabrics, and quality leather.


If you can pack lightly, then a crossbody bag or waist bag are your next hands-free options. While most aren’t new to the crossbody bag concept, the belt bag may be less familiar. An upgrade to the lesser appealing fanny pack, the belt bag sits around your waist with just enough room for an ID, some cards, cash, a FastPass and a cell phone. They come in various shapes and sizes, and can be worn at the front side of the hip, or as a “bum bag” at the back.


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Posted 2 years Ago
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