What Your Favorite Disney Princess Outfit Says About You

Disney Princesses have inspired the fashion industry in a number of ways. Their style is iconic and has influenced outfits across the globe. For some, one Princess may resonate with your personal style more than others. We narrowed down a few of your favorite Disney Princess’ signature looks to learn what their outfit says about you.


Snow White 


Snow White’s outfit is certainly one of the most memorable of them all. We love her signature red lip and primary color palette. The puffed shoulders on her dress and wide white collar outline her smile, while her red bow headband accentuates her sweet and caring nature. If Snow White’s outfit is your favorite, compassion and friendship are important qualities to you. You have a kind heart and a lot of hope.




If Aurora wears your favorite Disney Princess outfit, we imagine that you are probably a very positive person. Her monochromatic pink gown represents the cheerfulness and elegance of her character. You are likely a dreamer who believes in the magic of fairytales.


Jasmine Walking from AladdinJasmine’s style is the most daring of all the princesses. She wears her signature two-piece outfit with confidence, and always stands up for what she believes in. With a gold statement necklace and oversized earrings, Jasmine knows how to dress up harem pants better than anyone we know. If Jasmine’s outfit is your favorite, confidence is one of your greatest qualities. You like to be comfortable, but polished, which is why practical flats are your go-to shoe. You aren’t afraid to be yourself, and believe that fashion is one of the best ways to express your positivity.



Cinderelly, Cinderelly, we love your dress, oh Cinderelly! How could you not love Cinderella’s gorgeous light blue ball gown? Cinderella’s transformation to this gown is very representative of her hard work and hope. If Cinderella’s gown is your favorite, you are courageous, and you understand that hard work will always pay off.



belle answer

Belle keeps her mind open to a world of possibilities. Her dress is elegant and bold, which are key characteristics of those who love it the most. You are smart and eager for knowledge, but most importantly you are loyal. You care for your friends and family, and it’s not hard to put others first.




Ariel’s outfit isn’t traditional, but if it’s your favorite, it says a lot about you. Her outfit allows her to roam about the ocean, taking her from journey to journey. If hers is your favorite, you love a good story and are curious about the unknown. Most importantly, you are spontaneous, and allow your free-spirit to lead the way on your life’s adventure!

Posted 4 years Ago
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