Rock ‘N’ Roll and Rock The Dots

All this month, we’ve been celebrating #MinnieStyle leading up to National Polka Dot Day and the Minnie Rocks the Dots event. One of the reasons why Minnie Mouse continues to influence fashion is because her signature style elements work in any decade. Whether it’s pattern mixing with a polka dot shirt, or adding a bow headband to a semi-sweet outfit, Minnie’s classic style has been a statement throughout fashion history. She’s given us 88 years of red flippy skirts, platform mary janes, and of course, polka dots—the least we can do is celebrate!


To give you ideas on how to #RockTheDots and show off your #MinnieStyle, we let Minnie Mouse be our fashion muse for a vintage rock ‘n’ roll recording session. Our photographer and stylist, Silke Labson, filled us in on the inspiration for this look book and how Minnie Mouse’s fashion sense will never go out of style.

Minnie_Final_Select-6951-R Minnie_Final_Select-7079-R Minnie_Final_Select-6984-R Minnie_Final_Select-7031-R

What was the inspiration behind the shoot?
I’m really in love with vintage anything—especially from the ’60s and ’70s.  I wanted to find a location that was built and decorated around that era and style—the girls in a way that incorporated the vintage style attached to the space—but interpreted in a way that reflects current trends. After all, it’s a fashion story! While location scouting, I found this amazing recording studio that had literally been untouched for over 30 years! I had just watched the movie Love And Mercy, about The Beach Boys, and it was like I walked right onto that set.
After that initial walk-through of the space, the concept was obvious: I need to start a band! With this fully functioning studio at my fingertips, I knew I just needed to make it feel like we were on a movie set filming motion and action. I wanted to show elements of the band interacting, playing, recording, and especially creating the different characters by showing each band member’s personality. I wanted it to feel real and be real and actually had everyone try to sing and play on real instruments.  This was hilarious and fun at the same time. And I feel like everyone really did take on a character and got into it.

Minnie_Final_Select-7192-R Minnie_Final_Select-7109-R Minnie_Final_Select-7131-R Minnie_Final_Select-2-R Minnie_Final_Select-7224-R

How did you incorporate Minnie’s signature style elements into the outfits?
Before I styled out the shoot, I knew I had to just make a list of elements that make me think of Minnie: bows, her ears, polka dots, red, yellow, and big shoes. After I had that list, it was just making sure each outfit had key elements, and I would hand make things on set, like the ears or accessories.

Minnie_Final_Select-7308-R Minnie_Final_Select-7443-R Minnie_Final_Select-7422-R Minnie_Final_Select-7493-RMinnie_Final_Select-7543-R Minnie_Final_Select-7511-R

Why do you think Minnie Mouse continues to inspire fashion?
Minnie is just timeless! She is a character that will always have an iconic outfit that is so recognizable. You will always see fashion editorials with Minnie ears, because everyone can relate to it from seeing Mickey and Minnie as a kid! She embodies the cuteness and youth that a girl (or woman) can’t help but like. Kind of like a cute cupcake—can you really NOT like that?! Not to mention she also has the most timeless elements of her outfit: red, black and polka dots. These will ALWAYS be in style in some way. Our shoot was just one way to show how Minnie’s style could translate from vintage to contemporary pieces and even on a rock band. There is a little bit of Minnie element in all of us—that’s why I even cast a boy!


Minnie_Final_Select-7652-R Minnie_Final_Select-7725-R Minnie_Final_Select-7783-R Minnie_Final_Select-7647-R Minnie_Final_Select-7734-R

Photographer & Stylist: Silke Labson, Hair: Darine Sengseevong, Assistant Hair: Matthew Luce, Makeup: Alexis Swain, Assistant Makeup: Kasey Vanway, Lighting Assistant: Joey Ready, Models: Katty Ukhanova  – Wilhelmina LA, Larsen Thompson – Next Management, Leila Thomas – No Ties Management, Olivia Brower – No Ties Management, Ryan Perdew – Ford

Posted 4 years Ago
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