How To Be a Modern Mermaid

Simple question: Do you often wish you were a mermaid?



Simple answer: Of course you do.

It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. Mermaids may be able to hold their breath longer than us, but otherwise, there are a lot of ways to be a mermaid in our less-cool human life.


1. Dress like a mermaid.

While walking around town in a seashell bra isn’t exactly acceptable in modern society, there are color schemes, graphic prints, and textures that can inspire a head-to-toe mermaid look. To channel a modern Ariel, you’ll want shades of coral red, turquoise green, and purple in your color palette. Add metallics where you can to get the shimmer of her fins, like in nail polish or a metallic handbag.

Dress like a mermaid


2. Get mermaid accessories.

Whether you want to keep your mermaid-ism subtle or standout, the key to mermaid fashion is accessorizing. Pearls, seashells, and coral are a mermaid’s accessory best friends. mermaid accessories


3. Get mermaid-like hair.

If you love Ariel’s long, luscious locks as much as we do, follow these simple steps, and you’ll have swimmingly beautiful hair in no time.

Did you know that for some hair types, it can be actually healthier not to wash your hair for several days? Depending on the thickness of your hair (the thicker the hair the longer you can go), you can go up to 2 weeks without washing your hair. The oils from your scalp actually nourish your hair, keeping it strong and protected, and the longer you can go without washing your hair, the more of your hair that can get oily. We know, it sounds a little odd, but it’s actually very helpful to getting that mermaid hair.


You should also frequently trim your hair to rid it of any dead ends. Dead ends come from hair follicles that die out from heat and dryness, so the less hot tools you can use the better.

11 Signs_Ariel


4. Decorate like a mermaid.

Just a reminder: Mermaids live under the sea. You do not.

However, you can give your bedroom a contemporary beach aesthetic so you on your bed can feel like Ariel on the rock with waves crashing behind her.


A muted turquoise and peach palette with a pop of red coral keeps your room chic with a hint of nautical whim. Use varying textures to compliment the ocean’s mix of smooth water and grainy sand. Add in scale-like features to mimic a mermaid’s tail without being too literal.

Mermaid Room

5. Live like a mermaid.

Ariel embraces curiosity and seeks out adventure. She is eager to learn and explore the world. As a modern mermaid, you’ll need the right tools to live your adventure above water. Sunscreen, lots of water, and the right amount of sleep are some of the obvious necessities, but some other essentials include a de-stressing coloring book, UV-protected sunglasses, moisturizer, and a journal to document your journey. Your survival is reliant on hydration and knowledge. mermaid living


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Posted 4 years Ago
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