These Star Wars DisneyBound Sketches Are Out of This World

Star Wars fashion has been everywhere lately thanks to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The best part about Star Wars though, is that it never goes out of style. Our friend, Leslie Kay of DisneyBound, has been making Star Wars-inspired outfits since the beginning, crafting perfectly themed outfits around the iconic characters’ costumes.

To celebrate The Force Awakens, Leslie had her friend, artist Matthew Simpson, create sketches of Leslie’s Star Wars DisneyBound outfits. After seeing the beautiful results, we had to know more. So we chatted with Leslie all about Star Wars style and why the galaxy far, far away is right on trend with today’s fashion.


Why are you a fan of Star Wars?

I became a fan of Star Wars well before I had seen a movie. Every single one of my male cousins were massive Star Wars fans in the ’80s. When I came on the scene, my cousins had shelves of Star Wars memorabilia, posters, video games, and VHS tapes. Star Wars was one of my first memories from pop culture as it was back then. Is it possible to say that my love for Star Wars is genetic?




Which Star Wars DisneyBound is your favorite? 
I personally love the Han Solo look. Han Solo in general always makes for a great and easy DisneyBound. The white henley and black vest combination can easily be worn with a pair of dark denim jeans and black combat or riding boots – and boom, you’re Han Solo. From this selection – the Han Solo look is my favorite because I’m obsessed with the skirt. The red pocket accents mimic the red stripes down the side of his pants. I just love it!

han solo


Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
I’ve always loved R2-D2 since I was a kid because he is off-the-charts adorable and I think very relatable to a young girl watching the movies for the first time, who may have no idea what’s going on but, hey, that droid is pretty cute. Lately, I’ve joined the Dark Side. I’ve enjoyed watching Darth Vader’s story evolve and play out on the screen.




All of the sketches that Matthew created are so great. Can you pick a favorite?
My favorite sketch that Matthew drew has to be the Darth Vader one! I love how he’s shaped her hair to be like his helmet. While the outfit might just be a lot of black – he really brought it to life and gave it another layer of detail.


Why do you think the combination of Star Wars and fashion works so well together?
I’ve always been in love with the bohemian sci-fi and grunge-y post-apocalyptic styles. Star Wars’ styling allows for a hint of fantasy but there’s something about a lot of the outfits/costumes which could be easily mimicked in modern day street wear.


Posted 2 years Ago
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