Everything You Need To Celebrate Tangled’s Anniversary

It’s the anniversary of Tangled today, which means it’s the best day ever! Sorry, we couldn’t resist. Mainly because we love this movie so much. In honor of this joyous day, we rounded up some of our favorite Tangled-themed posts, so you can properly celebrate the first day we met Rapunzel, Flynn, Pascal, and the rest of the Tangled crew.


Tangled Movie Night

Tangled Movie Night: Purple Popcorn

Because the only way to properly celebrate Tangled’s anniversary, is to have a movie night with purple popcorn served in a frying pan.


How to Decorate Your Room Like Rapunzel’s

Rapunzel's Room in Tangled

Rapunzel’s creativity (and plenty of free time) made her tower a work of art. Bring a little bit of Rapunzel’s style into your own home with this guide that we put together.


10 Braid Tutorials To Inspire Your Inner Rapunzel

Rapunzel Braid Tutorial

Rapunzel’s multi-layered floral braid has inspired many a hair trend. You can capture the spirit of Rapunzel’s look with these braid tutorials.


This Wedding Reception is a Tangled Fan’s Team Come True

Tangled Wedding 6

We have a dream, and it’s to have a Tangled-themed wedding.


Tangled-Inspired Nail Art

Tangled Nail Art

Lynette CenĂ©e’s Tangled-inspired nail tutorial gives us all the nail art goals.


7 Style Lessons from Rapunzel


Did you know that there’s a lot we can learn from Rapunzel about style? We rounded up our favorite lessons that we learned from this adventurous princess.

Posted 5 years Ago
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