Styling Powerful Girls With Justice and Star Darlings

Remember how much fun it was to visit Justice in the mall, and pick out bright new outfits that expressed your personal style? Well, this mainstay of all of our tween fashion portfolios is teaming up with Disney in honor of their newest series, Star Darlings. 12-year-old us is totally amped.

To celebrate the new series, stylist CJ created five outfits that express the “Star-Charmed” girls from the series—who are all about being yourself, living out your dreams, and helping others. The goal is to help encourage young girls to wish upon a star, then actually get out there and chase their dreams.

1_Justice_Stylist Takeover-030 copy

That’s exactly what CJ did to become a stylist, and she encourages young girls visiting Justice and reading/watching Star Darlings to do the same. “Be proactive early on, doing internships and working for all kinds of companies ( large & small!) to get a true capture on where you see yourself in the fashion realm. Be willing to be resourceful and do what it takes to gather experience.” True, no matter what age you are.

Like the Star Darlings characters, she has some amazing advice about following your passions and feeling empowered. “Always be positive that YOU have something to offer a business. Whether it’s a new perspective on their customer or unique style that you give.”

To CJ, being a stylist is so much more than just selecting clothes, which is why she loved this project. “By staying inspired by the everyday girl, we create and play with outfits all day with the pieces our girl loves. We work consistently on researching new ideas and trends that we’ll introduce to our girl through styling.”

7_Justice_Stylist Takeover-093 copy

In that spirit, the Star Darlings outfits were more about personality than just look. “With these darlings, they are all so magical and have a zest about them. Luckily, at Justice we have the right clothing for powerful gals! I wanted to achieve an attitude with each look, because that’s what makes an outfit a complete outfit. The girl within!”

If you know a little one who would love an empowering series about adventurous girls, head to the Star Darlings Facebook page, or find the books at Justice!


Posted 5 years Ago
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