Disney Group Costume Ideas for Your Squad

It’s a tale as old as time: whole friend group wants to do an amazing group costume, but no one can agree on what the costume should be. If you’re going to put out all of the effort that goes into creating an amazing group costume, you have to make sure that the results are major.

But don’t worry, we have some Disney squad costumes that all of your friends will love!


Belle’s Enchanted Friends


This squad costume is definitely on the advanced level. More than just characters, these costumes are based on objects. Pick your favorite enchanted member of the cast then get creative with how to add a tea spout, a clock face, or candle hands.

Enchanted Object




The beauty of DuckTales is that there are just so many secondary characters to dress up as, and all of them are super easy to achieve (especially if you find a duck bill prop to add to each).

Duck Tale

Huey, Dewey and Louie are super easy to dress up as, as well as Uncle Scrooge. Depending on the size of your squad, you can also add a Magica De Spell, Gyro, or even the Beagle Boys.


Pumbaa and Timon

Timon and Pumbaa from the Lion King causing diversion

This one is perfect if your squad consists of you and your very best friend. You might need some pig snout props and face paint and gloves to get that wild animal vibe, but for humor, you could also, as Timon puts it, “dress in drag and do the hula” to recreate their diversion scene from The Lion King.

TImon and Pumbaa


Toy Story

Woody is jealous of Buzz in Toy Story

Toy Story is also great because there are just so many characters! There’s the main members of the gang from Toy Story, The Roundup Gang from Toy Story 2, The Sunnyside toys from Toy Story 3, army men, Bo Peep, Dolly, Sid–the list goes on.

Toy tory

Woody’s costume can probably be achieved from things you already have in your closet, to be honest. The trick is getting just the right props for the other characters. Bonus points to your squad if someone is able to figure out how to dress up as Slinky Dog.




Aside from Sorcerer Mickey, many of the Fantasia characters are much more obscure than the usual batch of Disney characters, which makes this squad costume so very interesting.


There are tons of characters to choose from, and they’re all super unusual and fun to figure out. There’s all the various multi-colored centaurs, the marching brooms, Hyacinth Hippo, dancing mushrooms–a character for every member of your Disney-obsessed squad.


Rescue Rangers


Perfect for the squad who sometimes solves some crimes. You definitely already have everything you need to be Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers along with Monty and Gadget.

Rescue rangers

It might be tricky to find a purple jumpsuit like gadget’s, but you might be able to decorate a gray or blue jumpsuit with purple accessories to get the same vibe. The rest of the costumes are mostly jackets, shirts, and the right hat, but you might add little chipmunk and mouse ears and noses to drive the point home.





Posted 5 years Ago
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