Disney Dudes Have the Best Fall Style

Have you ever noticed this? Disney guys always have just the right mix of layers, careful dishevelment, and boots to achieve the perfect fall menswear look.

Hats off to the character designers and animators who make this happen, we approve.


As it finally cools down and we head into autumn, look no further than these Disney dudes for outfit inspiration.


Flynn Rider


Okay maybe, just maybe, we look for any excuse whatsoever to talk about Flynn Rider. When it came to fall menswear, he was the first to come to mind. Hi color palette–browns and tans with a pop of blue/green–is a great starting point for any cold weather look. If ever you want to add some personality to a shirt, just roll those sleeves (see also: Prince Eric). To be honest though, it’s the worn leather boot/satchel combination that brings this outfit home.


Prince Phillip


We’re not going to sit here and tell you to wear a cape, guys. Philip is able to pull it off pretty well, but Edna Mode didn’t say “NO CAPES!” for nothing. When we talk about Prince Philip’s style, you have to think in terms of general vibe instead of specifics. But, a bright pop of red and jaunty cap are totally practical ways to achieve fall style as winning as Prince Philip’s.


John Smith


Yes, you, John Smith. Much like Philip, John Smith’s style has to be interpreted loosely to get the fall effect, but you can apply some of the same principles to achieve fall outfit perfection. Again with the boots: it’s all about the boots. Wear them inside your boots, outside your boots, it doesn’t matter. Just find a signature pair that feels like they’re made for climbing mountains, and you’re all set.




No one plots like Gaston, takes cheap shots like Gaston, but as much as we hate to admit it, no one is able to pull off palomino leather gloves and a glorious belt like Gaston, either. Though his proclivity for evil plots and narcissism aren’t exactly endearing, those two traits might also be behind his fall menswear success. Much like Flynn Rider, the cornerstone of his seasonal style is the right combination of leather goods. Gaston




Bert the Chimney Sweep’s style is so perfect for fall, you could actually probably just copy it exactly. Monochrome black on black with a red piece of neck flair is all you need. If you happen to be good at wearing hats like Bert is, add a newsboy cap for that ultimate “fall in London” look.


Roger Radcliffe


Can you even talk about Disney menswear without talking about Roger from One Hundred and One Dalmatians? The answer is “no.” His layering game is the strongest of the bunch, and the best place to get fall layering inspiration. Sweater vests can be cool, and won’t look too stuffy if paired with a really sharp and fitted slack. Couple bright socks with classic oxfords to jazz up the whole look a la Roger.


Posted 5 years Ago
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