Jumpsuits: Gadget Did It First

Jumpsuits are back. At first we weren’t so sure about this kind of retro trend in silhouettes–it’s kind of a gamble to go all in on one piece of clothing that serves as both blouse and pants. But we at last saw the light when we realized how fun they were to style and how much easier they made getting ready in the morning.

While conducting our Disney Throwback Week research, it occurred to us that we’d seen this trend before, like way, way before. Then it hit us: Gadget! The coolest and most skilled mouse we’d every come across was also a fashion trend-setter.

Gadget’s overalls weren’t just a fashion choice, they were a functional result of her essentially being a tiny mouse engineering super star. She always had to have all of her gadgets and gloves around to fix things, so the jumpsuit just made sense.

We love her version of this new/old fashion staple. The pale violet kind of adds a touch of whimsy to the structured collar and pockets. If you want to try to achieve Gadget-level jumpsuit game,  here are some of our favorites. Just add goggles as a final touch!

Posted 5 years Ago
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