Our Favorite Disney Cosplays and Outfits from D23 Expo

The truth is, there were so many amazing costumes, cosplays, and outfits at D23 this year, putting them all into one article would be impossible. The creativity level that Disney fans achieved for their D23 outfits made us really want to step up our game.


Find some of our favorites below, and if this roundup inspires you to dress up, or you know your Yzma and Kronk cosplay is on the next level, be sure to enter our Disney Style Cosplay Contest!


We have so much respect for the cosplayer who created these “Air-Hercs.” Kudos on the coordinating pedicure.

Cosplay Croundup 12IMG_4264


We love the scene where George Darling looks for his cufflinks and finds that part of his tux has been turned into a treasure map. Very subtle choice to recreate it with these outfits!

Cosplay Croundup 13IMG_7872


Jafar might be evil, but dressing up like him at least affords you the chance to carry around a staff! Also, you see a lot of Jasmines at D23 but not always Jasmine’s red outfit from the film’s finale.

Cosplay Croundup 420390332520_6949a756ad_h



He’s Mrs. Nesbitt!

Cosplay Croundup 319987569143_e4a77e386f_h



We saw this amazing Hades all over the convention. His wig game is strong.

Cosplay Croundup 219957722723_6f3aa3a81d_h



A really amazing Clopin and Esmeredla duo, straight out of the movie. Thank goodness there’s no Frollo.

Cosplay Croundup 119957428263_4d612523d6_h



This adorable couple had a subtle, slightly more weather-appropriate (it was hot out) Mary Poppins and Bert cosplay. They could wear this straight into the next Dapper Day.

Cosplay Croundup 019956019864_f454b7d3df_h


Any Disney fans who dress up as Dole Whips get all the gold stars in our book.



So simple, so perfect, and a perfect homage to one of our new favorite Pixar films, Inside Out.

Cosplay Croundup 14IMG_8148



This Megara cosplayer is a damsel, but definitely not in distress.

Cosplay Croundup 520390626650_240fa8ef50_h



This Ariel and Vanessa cosplay was so on point.



This Rapunzel cosplay is pretty outstanding all on its own–check out the detailing on that bodice. BUT, just wait until you see her braid…

Cosplay Croundup 620391633139_0c0540f83a_h


Just wow.

Cosplay Croundup 1020584862901_c8a10fd886_h



First of all, we love the ball gown take on Loki, that goes without saying. Now that we’ve established that, let’s all stand in awe of that staff and head piece. How did she do that?

Cosplay Croundup 720552091126_3b4d523028_h


These Sanderson Sisters are too perfect, right down to their poses and facial expressions.



You see the excellence of this cosplay?



These two are the definition of couple goals.



A suite of sweet Disney Princesses. We’re always fans of Ariel’s lesser-imitated pink dress.

Cosplay Croundup 920584781046_31efad6df9_h



Do you think they all ate sandwiches and chocolate later?



Look at all the details! This Snow White costume is truly beautiful.



Posted 5 years Ago
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