Lizzie McGuire Approved Accessories

That weird period right after the ’90s, but slight before things got really 2000’s is all of a sudden “back.” If you were a middle school aged Disney teen, this was era of one of the most fashionable Disney Channel characters to ever crimp her hair: LIZZIE MCGUIRE.

Lizzie was the perfect balance of sassy, awkward, and original that made us want to be her, but also feel like we could probably fit in just fine in her little friend group. She could also handle wearing as many accessories as humanly possible, which is a tricky thing to pull off.

Now that 2001 is so 2015, we’ve compiled some accessories that we think Lizzie and Miranda would have in their closets.


The Perfect Jean Jacket

Lizzie Style - Jean

Never underestimate the importance of a cropped, light washed denim jacket. Lizzie would pair this with some floral pants and a bright top and be good to go. For a truly ’00s look, make sure it’s a shorter cut jacket. This classic version is from Urban Outfitters.


Plenty of Wrist Flair

Lizzie style watch


Lizzie liked to wear bracelets. A lot of them. She also had a thing for scarves (in her hair, as bracelets, etc.). Since we’re not totally sure we can pull off the old hair bandana trend just yet, we opted for this super bright, floral scarf watch from Gold Amsterdam.


Silver Platform Sandals

Lizzie Style platforms

Lizzie wore platform sandals A LOT. Even animated Lizzie sported those bright orange platforms. That trend is back in full swing, and Lizzie would approve. We like these silver holographic platforms from Forever 21 because they’re kind of cool but also kind of weird, just like Lizzie.


Colorful Headbands


Lizzie Style Headband


Lizzie managed to work some type of headwear into almost every outfit. Butterfly clips and sparkly chopsticks haven’t made their return yet, but colorful or floral headbands can be found everywhere. We liked this beaded turquoise beauty from Forever 21.


Fluffy Earrings

Lizzie Style Earrings

In conducting research for this article, you’d be surprised how often feathery, fluffy earrings and headbands were featured on the show. Actually it was Miranda who really seemed to love them. These earrings from the Nylon Shop will make you the coolest girl in homeroom.


Clear Plastic Bag

Lizzie Clear Backpack

Can’t you just picture Lizzie sporting this backpack to school? It’s bright, it’s plastic, it’s so her. It might be a little tricky to pull off outside of school, but if Lizzie taught us anything, it’s to always be ourselves and be bold with our accessories.


Classic Black Choker

Lizzie Style choker

No Lizzie outfit is complete without one of these. You could go for the thin rainbow chokers or maybe layering several types. But we thought this one from Forever 21 would be pretty multi-purpose.

Posted 5 years Ago
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