The Little Mermaid Accessories You’ll Want to be Part of Your World

As soon as you take a look at this Ariel stuff, you’ll definitely think it’s neat. Your The Little Mermaid wardrobe needs some of this summer accessories to be complete…


Vans Ariel Backpack

Mermaid Backpack

We totally dig all of the Disney patterns in the new Vans line, but there’s something awesome about the girly, light purple and rainbow Ariel design on what is usually a very tomboy-ish Vans backpack.


Mermaid High-Waisted Bathing Suit BottomsMermaid bathingsuit

Where does one wear high-waisted metallic green bathing suit bottoms? Who cares, these ones from Hot Topic are too amazing to not buy.


Kiss The Girl Necklace

Mermaid boat necklace

One of the most suspenseful moments in all of The Little Mermaid is when she and Eric take forever to lock lips… and then Flotsam and Jetsam flip the boat. Grrrrrr. But before the boat ejection moment, the scene is actually quite sweet and romantic, which is why we love this necklace from Hot Topic.


Dinglehopper Hair Bow

Mermaid Bow

This bow screams “Ariel” on so many levels. It boasts mermaid tail patterns, Ariel’s signature light purple, and of course, a fork–er–dinglehopper. Naturally, we found this at Hot Topic, who always seems to have the best character-inspired hair bows.


Ursula’s Shell Necklace

Mermaid shell necklace

True, this seashell necklace reminds us of the evil Ursula/Vanessa. Villains might be villains, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have good style. You can find this gem at Hot Topic.


The Little Mermaid Metallic TattoosMermaid Tattoos

If loving temp tattoos is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Summer time and sunny days are the best excuse to rocks some metallic designs like these. Found at Hot Topic.


The Little Mermaid Bath TowelsMermaid Towels

We never knew how much we wanted an Ariel-themed bathroom until we saw these towels at Macy’s.


Ariel Vans

Mermaid Vans

Again, we can’t get enough of this Disney and Vans line. Our entire team may or may not be currently sporting various pairs of the shoes. The Ariel designs are nice because of the more subtle, pastel palette that makes them a little more versatile.

Posted 5 years Ago
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