What Cast Members Wear On a Day at the Park


We’re not going to lie–working at Disney means sometimes, you get to spend a super fun filled day at Disneyland with your whole team. It’s just part of the job. When we are about to attend one of these all day adventures, whispers of “what are you going to wear” start to float throughout the office. Parks outfits have to be comfortable, breathable (it’s hot in SoCal!), but also express your love of Disney. It’s always a conundrum.


Here’s what seasoned veterans of the Parks, Disney Cast Members, wear when they hit Disneyland for the day…


Functional footwear is a must. Bonus points if you’re able to wear sneakers with some Minnie Mouse flair.



Sheri found the perfect mini backpack for Disneyland. It’s light, holds a lot of stuff, and has some serious glitter and Disney Princess action going on.



Liz knew it was going to be a very hot and sunny day, so she sported a Mickey Mouse bucket hat. We love her fanny pack, too.



If your feet aren’t comfortable while at Disneyland, you’re definitely going to have a less than magical time. We went for bright and colorful tennis shoes that made a statement but kept us comfy.



When in doubt, just add ears and cool sunglasses!



See, fanny packs are a good thing. Especially when paired with a retro pleated skirt. Too cute.



Kristen rocked some very sparkly sequined Minnie ears throughout the day.



We love Tatyana’s cuffed jean shorts and comfy ballet flats with bows.



Rebecca is wearing the modern solution for an all-day trip to Disneyland: athleisure wear. Pair your favorite Nikes with comfy pants, a tied-front muscle tee, and a small cross-body bag.



Kelly embraced the overalls trend, and bravely cut the sleeves off of her shirt to look cool and stay cool.



Will went old school with his Converse All Star high tops with contrast shoe laces.


photo 3

We have total sunglasses envy right now. Good find, Robin!



Nicole started a new trend: wearing her Cinderella popcorn bucket like a bag. We’re all about this carriage purse situation.

Posted 5 years Ago
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