Create a Dip-Dyed Disney Quote Bag

We were cruising Pinterest one day and stumbled upon a new trend in DIYs: dip-dyed canvas bags. It’s super easy, beautiful, inexpensive, and extremely conducive to adding a Disney quote. The best thing about dip dyed bags is that they’re supposed to look imperfect and unique, so there’s little stress or instruction following required.

The hardest part of this whole DIY was actually just trying to pick out which Disney quotes we wanted to use! Once you get the knack for dip dyeing, you can use the dye on other fabrics like shirts and scarves.

Here’s how to make your own:


Canvas bag

Rit Dye

Large bucket

Wooden spoon

Plastic gloves

Letter stencil

Metallic paint



First, prepare the dye according to the package instructions. Because you’re not fully dyeing a piece of fabric, you don’t need to submerge for more than a few minutes, or heat the dye too much. We just filled the bucket half way with hot water and added a few tablespoons of dye. At this point, you might want to put gloves on to keep your hands dye-free.


Next, submerge the bag a little more than half way into the dye. The dye will bleed upwards a bit as the fabric soaks it up. Hold in place for 30-60 seconds so color sets in. Use the spoon to push down the bag if the bottom doesn’t stay submerged.



Now, pull the bag out of the dye a few inches, and hold in place for another minute. Then, pull the bag out of the dye a few more inches, and hold in place in the dye for another full minute. Do this until only the bottom is still soaking in the dye. This part will be the darkest section of the bag.



Very carefully hang out to dry in a warm spot. Lay plastic under the drying bag, or hang it outside to keep your floors from getting messy. Let the bag dry for several hours or overnight, during which you can pour through some Disney movies to pick our your desired Disney quote.



Using a stencil and your choice of metallic paint, carefully stencil the quote onto the bag using a firm brush. You can mark the bag with pencil first to make sure the quote is centered and the spacing is consistent.



Here’s the finished product, to give you some DIY inspiration for your quote bag. Enjoy!





Posted 5 years Ago
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