Disney Destination Style: London

In the next edition of our Disney Destination Style series, we’re off to jolly old London town. There are a lot of great Disney films that take place in London like 101 Dalmatians, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan. We decided to base our London outfit on The Great Mouse Detective. There were a couple reasons for this: 1) Basil of Baker Street is one of the most dapper Disney characters and 2) we love any excuse to use a trench coat and deer stalker hat.

Along with those signature Basil pieces, the patterned shirt and plaid scarf are a nod to Olivia’s scarf and skirt that she wears in the film. Since London is known for it’s rainy days, a Union Jack umbrella felt fitting, while quilted jeans and playful oxfords give the look a classic English feel. All we have to say about this outfit is that it’s, “Elementary my dear, Dawson!”


Shirt from H&M, pants by Isabel Marant, shoes by Steve Madden, trench coat by J. Crew, scarf by Burberry, umbrella by ModCloth


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Posted 5 years Ago
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