Reebok Goes Disney With Cinderella Instapump Fury

Who needs glass slippers when you can have iridescent Reebok Instampumps inspired by Disney’s Cinderella?

Exactly. We stumbled upon these Cinderella Reebok Instapump Fury sneakers and can’t wait to add them to our athleisure wardrobe. They’re shiny and look like they mean business, but have a delicate butterfly at the back, Cinderella’s signature fashion detail in the recent live action film.


The coolest detail might just be the sneaker pump with a clock on it, showing that midnight is just a few minutes away. WANT!


Reebok has also done some pretty cool Iron Man Instapumps in the past, but we like how this design blends the colors and prettiness of Cinderella’s gown with the intense silhouette of the sneaker.

Posted 5 years Ago
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