DIY: Gem Mickey-Inspired Sunglasses

After our recent trip to the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, we were immediately inspired by all the sparkly, blue and silver decor that adorns Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Disneyland 60

See? It’s so pretty!

So that got us thinking, what would be a fun way to incorporate some diamonds into a new DIY? Well, we replaced diamonds with gems and adorned a pair of Mickey-inspired sunglasses that we think are worthy of this dazzling celebration. The best part is that this DIY is super simple, but makes a big statement when you’re finished.


To get started, you’re going to need some craft gems.



A strong adhesive glue, like E6000.



And a pair of sunglasses (these ones are from Amazon).

Mickey Sunglasses

(We also usually have a few paper towels and tooth picks on hand just in case.)


First, organize your gems into the pattern you want to create. We recommend getting gems that are between 7mm and 11mm.

Rhinestones Organized


Then, using your glue, put a tiny dab of glue on to the back of each gem and press it onto the sunglasses. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat these steps until you’ve attached all the gems you want. Let the gems dry completely, and then go and rock your new shiny shades at Disneyland!

Mickey Sunglasses Final

Posted 5 years Ago
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