Show Us Your Star Wars Style!

Since it’s May the 4th, you’re obviously donning your best Star Wars-inspired outfit. True, this is? Stop everything and take a selfie! Your Star Wars gear could be your ticket to win a trip to Walt Disney World, and receive exclusive Star Wars merch.

Just head to starwarsstyle.com, enter your email and upload your Star Wars-inspired outfit.

One lucky fan will win a trip for two to Walt Disney World to receive an exclusive Star Wars fan experience and be among the first to receive an exclusive Star Wars gift basket!

Need some inspiration? Check out the outfits that our friend Leslie Kay of Disneybound created especially to celebrate Star Wars Weekends. Just pick a favorite character, focus on color palettes and signature accessories, and get creative!



Go green and add a lengthy brown cardigan to mimic Yoda’s robe.



Han’s outfit is all about the boots and vest.



Darth Maul is easily achieved with the combination of black + red and spikes.



Queen Amidala is a fun one (the hair! the makeup!). Leslie created a solid base with a red dress and layers of jewelry.



You for sure already have a Luke outfit in your closet. Just create white and neutral layers and add in something light saber-centric.



Princess Leia¬† also has so many possibilities. If you’re capable of creating side buns, you might as well go for her classic all-white look.



Boba Fett’s color palette is so specific, you can spot a good Boba DisneyBound from across the room. All about the forest green and yellow.

Posted 5 years Ago
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