How to Achieve #MinnieStyle

If you haven’t yet heard, then listen up as we have major Minnie news for you! Your Minnie-inspired outfit could help you win a trip to New York Fashion Week. Simply share your Minnie Style photos on Disney’s Applause app on iPhone or Android for a chance to win a trip to New York Fashion Week. Submit anything that shows what #MinnieStyle means to you, whether it’s dots and bows, black and white, pops of red–get creative, that’s what fashion is all about.

To help out, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you achieve #MinnieStyle. Check out our insider secrets, and be sure to submit your entry by May 8! Learn more about the #MinnieStyle contest here.



Final bows

Minnie is all about bows, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your bows have to be all about Minnie. Find or create your own signature bow that shows off your personality to really embody #MinnieStyle. Want to learn how to create your own? Check out our bow tutorial!


Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Polka dot print can go from tiny and sweet, to bold and edgy. Pick a dot to rock that best expresses your personal style.


Red and White

Red and White

Minnie kind of has the market cornered on the red and white trend. It’s both classic and bold, sweet and fun, and she pulls it off effortlessly. These colors are a little harder to rock than say, polka dots or hair bows, but if you get the balance just right, your outfit will scream Minnie Style.


Pops of Ears

Pops of ears minnie style

As Minnie Style continues to pop up in the fashion world, showing off your favorite set of ears is as commonplace as wearing a favorite watch or statement jewelry piece. Either create our own signature ears, or stop by the Parks for an official pair. ASOS also has a great selection of low key and high fashion ear headbands.


Most importantly of all, having #MinnieStyle is all about being yourself, which Minnie is all about. Get creative, get bold, and be sure to enter the #MinnieStyle contest!


Posted 5 years Ago
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