Disney Characters Who Are Nailing This Normcore Thing

Normcore: (adjective) a style of dress characterized by average-looking clothing. Think of items your grandparents, totally indifferent to current trends, might wear for completely functional reasons. Tees without branding, loose-fitting pants neutral in tone, collared shirts with plain wool sweaters, maybe a comfortable pair of sneakers. You know, normal clothes.

No one is sure why, but over the last few years normcore has become a thing. Folks have been ditching brand names, bright colors, and bold textures for clothing items that have very little styling at all. And it has taken the fashion world by storm. Without realizing it, even some of us at Disney Style have been put under the chic and simple spell of normcore and worn a baggy sweater, plain jeans, and sneakers to work.

If you’re still confused about what this non-trend trend even looks like, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s been there right under your nose for years. Many of your favorite Disney characters have been going normcore before it was even in style. Check out what we’re talking about



A Goofy Movie Max and Roxanne

Actually, pretty much everyone in A Goofy Movie except Powerline is totally normcore. Maybe it’s because of the ’90s, or maybe it’s because it’s animated, but their style is just so gloriously “blah.” Check out Roxanne. Cuffed mom-style jean shorts that say she just needed something comfy to wear to class. A green tee. And that’s it. Max is pretty much wearing the male counterpart with an oversized polo shirt–little did he know that twenty short years later, his outfit would be on the cutting edge of style.



Bernard Turtleneck Rescuers

Bernard was wearing a turtleneck unironically long before any of your favorite fashion bloggers ever did. No matter what brand of adventure he and Bianca find, his neck will always be cozy and warm. Such a practical, timeless choice.




If you want to try your hand at normcore but don’t quite know where to start, just look to Smee. He pulls off the trend better than anyone we’ve ever seen. A blue and white striped tee with shapeless, baggy off-brand jean shorts he’s probably had for years. Birkenstock-inspired slip on sandals that can’t help but look casual, topped off with a generic red beanie. He’s ready for a Sartorialist street style pic.


Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin help Eeyore

Winnie The Pooh pretty much has the summer version of Bernard’s outfit. Nothing says un-fashion like a plain red shirt. If you don’t happen to be a stuffed bear, just add some vintage high-waisted jeans and clogs, and you’ll be all set.




Baymax's Favorite Hairy Babies - Oliver

Penny also lucked out that the casual look of her era so easily lends itself to normcore. The oversized white turtleneck dress pairs perfectly with her (not pictured here) white high-top tennis shoes.


Kim Possible


Since she’s a spy and all, Kim Possible’s wardrobe always had to be functional out of necessity. Her practical green cargo pants weren’t a statement, they were a necessary part of fighting crime, as was her cool fanny pack and plain black turtle neck. She wins bonus points for rocking a pager instead of an iPhone (because you should probably beep her if you wanna reach her).

Posted 5 years Ago
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