We Talked Baseball Caps, Suits, and More with Big Hero 6’s Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney

It’s not often that we can find guys who have more fun than we do while talking about menswear. So, when we met Big Hero 6’s Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney (who voice brothers Hiro and Tadashi, respectively) we knew instantly that we would become style friends. These two are known for not only for their talents on screen, but for their amazing style off camera as well. With Big Hero 6 available now on Digital HD, and on Blu-Ray February 24, we sat down with Ryan and Daniel to talk about Hiro, Tadashi, and all things style.


Voicing a Disney character was a dream come true for both Ryan and Daniel, but it was at their auditions that they discovered that had more in common with their characters than they thought. “When I went into the audition, there he was on the wall and I’m like ‘that’s me, that was me three years ago.’ I was that kid who didn’t really know how to dress, and had long, shaggy hair,” said Ryan.



Daniel added, “For me, there was something about Tadashi’s hat that was very special to me. Him and I stylistically are very similar. I wear a lot of hats just like that. So, when I saw that, I knew he was a very similar person to me.”



After getting their roles, Ryan and Daniel started the process of recording their lines. Even in the booth, Ryan and Daniel stayed true to their fashion sense. “Everyone’s always like ‘Oh it’s so nice, you can go to work in your pajamas.’ I’m such a fashion head though that I couldn’t do it,” said Ryan. “ I went in to one recording session wearing a Tigers jersey, which is a Japanese baseball team. And Don (the director) was like, ‘Oh awesome jersey!’”

 For Daniel, it was all about the baseball cap. “I wore my LG baseball cap, it’s a Korean baseball team. I was like, ‘this will fit for Tadashi.’”


Los Angeles Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Big Hero 6" - Red Carpet

Ryan and Daniel look at the red carpet as an opportunity to be different with their style. “Well, if they send an invitation and it says black-tie only, you know I’m not showing up in a black tie. If it’s like something really formal, and it’s tuxedos and black and white, you know I’m showing up in color,” laughed Ryan.


“I think it’s about taking risks and that you’re comfortable within those risks. I think for men…a lot of times they don’t realize how important fit is,” explained Daniel. “And that’s everything from the jacket sleeve length, pants as well. It’s a big deal, and people don’t realize how important the silhouette is. And for me, simplicity is key.”

Los Angeles Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Big Hero 6" - Red Carpet

When it comes to finding your own style though, Daniel and Ryan have some pretty great advice for anyone. “Confidence is very important. You have to have confidence, because you have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. People will scrutinize and there’s columns all over of what you should wear, but you have to figure out what’s right for you,” said Daniel.

 “There’s fashion blogs will say ‘this is cool, this is in’ and I’m like, no. I wear things that aren’t in fashion. I wear colors that aren’t in fashion. And as a result of that, I kind of bring it back,” added Ryan. “I feel like nothing really ever goes out of style. It’s just what the media and what people tell people to wear. I think having your own sense of fashion is important.”

Posted 6 years Ago
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