A Definitive Ranking of Sharpay Evans’ High School Musical Outfits

It was January 20, 2006 that High School Musical aired for the first time on the Disney Channel, and our lives were forever changed. Sure, that seems a bit dramatic, but c’mon, this is High School Musical! The songs, the dance moves, Zac Efron’s swishy hair… these were all things that defined our middle school experience.


After watching this Disney Channel Original movie countless times though, we’ve come to appreciate one particular character’s style: Sharpay Evans. With her steadfast ambition and love of rhinestones, Sharpay remains one of our favorite fashionable Disney characters. We decided to rank all the over-the-top, pink and glittery outfit Sharpay wears in High School Musical. Ready for a trip down fashion memory lane? Let’s go!


10. Purple Shirt and Jeans

Sharpay Purple Outfit HSM

For some reason, we believe that Sharpay only owns two denim items that she occasionally wears on laundry day. They just aren’t completely in line with her trendy, preppy style. While she does accessorize them with an awesome jeweled belt chain, we miss Sharpay’s sparkly skirts and classic, tailored pants.


9. Pink Top and Denim Skirt

Sharpay Pink 2 HSM

Speaking of that other denim item, here it is in sparkly skirt form. Sure, it’s got her signature bedazzling, but we know Sharpay is capable of great fashionable things. We do love her music note necklace though, and her ability to pull off pigtails flawlessly.


8. “We’re All In This Together” Outfit


While school spirit isn’t Sharpay’s forte, when called upon for a rousing, song-and-dance number to celebrate the basketball team’s victory (and the breaking down of high school cliques!) Sharpay brings her A game. Bedazzled cargo pants are not for the fashionable faint at heart, but with Sharpay’s confidence, they definitely work.


7. Striped Jacket with Pink Pants

Sharpay Evans High School Musical

Color blocking is a difficult task, but Sharpay pulls off wearing bright pink with bright turquoise with ease. The key here is the striped multicolor jacket, which ties this whole sherbert-inspired outfit together. It’s not our favorite look of hers, but we love her boldness.


6. The Orange Outfit

6-Sharpay Orange Outfit HSM

Another fashionable skill that Sharpay succeeds at? Proportions. A dress over pants isn’t an easy thing to pull off, but Sharpay balances it out with a orange long sleeve sweater, matching hat box purse and a gold beret, because why not? We don’t love that Sharpay strayed from her signature color (because orange is not the new pink), which is why this outfit lands in the number six spot.


5. “Stick to the Status Quo” Outfit


If you’re going to rule over the cafeteria domain, it should be in an outfit that says #BossLady. Sharpay means serious business in a floral blazer, white jeans, and silver shoes. We had to dock the outfit a few proverbial points though for the chili cheese fries that ultimately stain Sharpay’s top. We’ll chalk it up to karma.


 4. “What I’ve Been Looking For” Outfit

4-Sharpay What I've Been Looking For Outfit

Coming in as our number four outfit is Sharpay’s audition outfit. A pink on pink ensemble, Sharpay makes sure that her signature color is never boring with varying shades. We also really adore the fact that she matched her sequin silver shrug with her silver character shoes.


 3. The Sherpa Vest Outfit


The coordination, the hats, THE SHERPA VEST. Seriously, we can’t handle this outfit choice. You would think the combination of all these things wouldn’t work, but somehow Sharpay pulls them off with ease AND delivers one of the greatest lines of all time: “We need to save our show from people who don’t know the difference between a Tony Award, and Tony Hawk.” Well said, Sharpay, and well dressed.


2. “Bop to the Top” Outfit


Let’s face it, if you’re forced to have to do a call back for the school musical, this is the outfit you wear to prove that such nonsense is really trite. Sharpay bopped to nearly the top of the list with this turquoise high-low dress with ruffled detailing and rhinestoned bodice (because it’s not a Sharpay outfit if it doesn’t sparkle). And if we’re being totally honest, we are still totally obsessed with her bedazzled headset microphone.



And the number one outfit on our list is… Can we get a drum roll please? You know Sharpay would ask for it.


1. Pink Matching Set

1-Sharpay Pink Outfit HSM

That’s right, we chose the very first outfit Sharpay wears in High School Musical as our top pick. It is the perfect example of everything we love about Sharpay’s style: lots of pink, a matching tweed and skirt set with sparkly trim, and an amazing accessory (in this case, the “it” cell phone of 2006). What makes this outfit the best though, is that Sharpay carries herself with such confidence. It’s her ambition and dedication to sparkle that made us fall in love with Sharpay all those years ago.



Now that we’ve sounded off, it’s your turn! Tell us in the comments what your favorite Sharpay outfit is!

Posted 6 years Ago
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