Talking All Things Style with Girl Meets World Costume Designer, Nicole Gorsuch

Are you obsessed with Riley and Maya’s style on Girl Meets World? Don’t worry, we totally are too. While we were working through our layered camis and flip flops phase (it wasn’t pretty), these girls make middle school fashion look like a street styler’s dream. Their secret weapon? Costume designer, Nicole Gorsuch, who puts together the amazing looks we see on Riley and Maya. We recently chatted with Nicole and got some insider tips about pattern mixing, finding style inspiration, and making looks that are all your own.


The thing that we probably love most about Riley and Maya’s styles is that they are both so individually unique. Riley’s a little more girly and with bohemian influences, while Maya tends to be edgier and more rock n’ roll.


What both girls have in common though is that they are each able to mix patterns in a way that fits their fashion sense. Nicole knows that it definitely isn’t an easy thing to do. “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and it was like one of the last things that I got really good at. But I sort of just made up my mind that I was gonna master that. There’s not really any rules to it, and that’s what makes it hard.”



For those who want to master this look Nicole explains her process of putting outfits together.  “What you need to do is put everything together, and then look at it in the mirror, and if your eye can flow from top to bottom, then you’ve got it right. “


“I think just having the eye flow from top to bottom even though the patterns are different, and the more different you can make them, the more interesting it is,” said Nicole. “Your eye can’t jump around from one thing to the next. You just have to practice and not be afraid to make a mistake.”


And it just so happens that pattern mixing was an important part of Nicole’s favorite outfit so far on the show. “I think I really liked the Harajuku episode that we did. That involved my favorite thing which is pattern mixing, that was like crazy pattern mixing. That’s actually how I learned how to do it, my sister lived in Japan, and in the late 80’s early 90’s I would go visit her once a year and I would see all these Harajuku kids who would be putting together all of these really unusual patterns.”



And Harajuku style isn’t the only place Nicole looks for fashion inspiration. “I just try to generally observe things, observe everything, musicians, art, paintings, photography, I get a lot of my inspiration from classic rock from the 60’s and the 70’s. To be a good artist you have to observe, observe, observe. That’s what good art is, it’s observation– how do you see it, and then how do you interpret it.”



When it comes to your own personal style, Nicole believes that you have to put your own unique spin on what’s out there. “I love thrift stores and vintage stores because those are places where you can find one cool really different piece and then modernize it, make it your own. so you’re just starting with something that’s interesting. I look for things myself that are different, putting things together in a way that they’re not normally put together.”


We don’t know about you, but we’re making it our fashion goal to master print mixing too thanks to Nicole. Be sure to watch Girl Meets World Fridays at 8:30|7:30c on Disney Channel!

Posted 6 years Ago
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