The Best Costumes from the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Specials

Pretty Little Liars is known for having its fair share of scary moments, but the Halloween episodes always take the spooky level up a notch. Tonight, Pretty Little Liars is doing something really exciting for this All Hallows Eve. In the new fan special “Pretty Little Liars: We Love You To DeAth,” the cast and crew will sit down and give its devoted fans an inside look at the show.

So naturally, we are pretty stoked to see some of our top PLL questions answered and hear the girl’s theories on who “A” is!  To celebrate, we rounded up our favorite costumes from the Pretty Liars Halloween specials. From Edwardian digs to pop culture references, the Liars have covered the spectrum of costumes and always look amazing every time.


Be sure to tune in tonight at 8|7c on ABC Family and watch the fan special “Pretty Little Liars: We Love You To DeAth.”

Posted 6 years Ago
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