Though it doesn’t necessarily feel like it at our offices in Southern California, fall is officially upon us, which means we get to change up our style for the season (hooray!). We chatted with seasonal style trends with Danielle Launzel, the costume and wardrobe designer in charge of making everyone look fabulous on ABC’s new show, Selfie. Here’s her tips for this season…


1. Accessorize

Selfie Trend Forecast

According to Danielle, “accessories are pretty hot right now.” She’s talking about a return to emphasis on statement jewelry and handbags. Her favorites? Cross-body purses: “I love the cell phone cross-body bags in particular since cell phones are so important in our culture now.” We’re fans for a functional purse any day–this one is from The Cambridge Satchel Company.


2. Think Head-to-Toe

Selfie Trend Forecast

“I think adding just the right amount of jewelry, including hair jewelry, really helps complete a look.” That means all of your baubles don’t have to be limited to rings, necklaces, and bracelets. There are some amazing headbands, jewels, and hats out there as the fall season arrives, so get creative and think outside the jewelry box. Headband from Mango.


3. Quality Over Quantity

Selfie Trend Forecast

Danielle recommends investing in classic looks, like this pea coat from Delias, that are always in style, instead of filling your closet with trends that will be done as soon as the season is. You can still stay on-trend even in the most classic ensemble: “with the right accessory you can keep those looks current.”


4. Be Yourself


Here’s a piece of fashion advice that seems like it’s straight out of an episode of Selfie: “Personally I am not a label shopper, so I think if you find a style that you feel comfortable in, you should wear it.” True words during any season!


See Danielle’s wardrobe picks for Eliza on a new episode of Selfie, tonight at 8/7c!



Posted 6 years Ago
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