Disneyland Costume Inspiration: Part 1

One of our favorite parts of Halloweentime at the Disneyland resort is Mickey’s Halloween Party. Not only do you get to trick-or-treat and see a special Halloween-themed fireworks show, it’s the only time adults are allowed to wear costumes to the park!


It’s so much fun seeing how creative people are with their Disney-inspired ensembles. Whether it’s clever or just plain crafty, it definitely inspired us to step up our costume game. If you’re looking to go beyond the store-bought costume too, take a look at these inspiration boards to help you put together your own Disneyland-themed costume.


First up, we’re looking at two famous characters from Disneyland attractions:



If you’re looking for an attraction to pull inspiration from, the Haunted Mansion is definitely a great and appropriately spooky choice. 999 happy haunts, wall-to-wall creeps, grim grinning ghosts… the Haunted Mansion captures everything Halloween is about. But if you’re looking for something more stylish than scary, the tightrope walker from the stretching room makes for an ideal costume. Ballerina flats and a parasol are the perfect compliments to a full skirt and caplet. As a nod to the alligator, a pendant necklace should do the trick.


When it comes to attraction characters, the abominable snowman from the Matterhorn Bobsleds may not be an obvious pick. That’s why taking inspiration from this furry monster is so brilliant, because you’ll definitely stand out from the pack. You can go all out in a furry onesie, or break it up with faux fur pieces like this vest. Blue mittens can take the place of this monster’s blue hands, and some cool makeup, like red eyeliner, will have everyone impressed that you took on such a unique Disneyland character.


Want to get in on the fun of Mickey’s Halloween Party? This special event happens select nights throughout the month of October! You can find more information and purchase tickets on Disneyland.com.

Posted 6 years Ago
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