Tinker Bell Inspires New Designer Collection

London Fashion Week is in full swing, and designers are unveiling their spring and summer collections for the style world to see. British designer, Richard Nicoll, wanted his Spring/Summer 2015 collection to be about embracing the future, while also maintaining a nostalgia for the past. It makes sense then that Nicoll would look to none other than Tinker Bell, a character who is the perfect combination of nostalgia and modernity, to influence his newest collection.




In collaboration with Disney, Nicoll’s let Tinker Bell’s confidence and attitude inspire the outfits of this edgy, but beautiful collection. The famous fairy was also the inspiration for the overall theme of the show. The collection looks like it could be straight out of Never Land, with styles featuring unique draping, iridescent fabrics, and a dreamy color scheme.



The highlight though, was a technology dress made in collaboration with the London Fashion Laboratory Studio XO.  The dress featured fiber optic fabric, activated by high intensity LED’s, to create a digital version of pixie dust on the runway. It was a visually stunning effect that was fit for the magical Tinker Bell.



Take a look at some of the runway looks. We happened to think the lavender overalls are the best. What’s your favorite look from the collection?


Posted 6 years Ago
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