Style Lessons From the Golden Girls

When you think Golden Girls, you think friendship, cheesecake, St. Olaf, and Blanche’s off-color jokes. One thing you might not immediately think about is style–but the girls definitely have it.

Golden Girls Quiz

Look at that expression on Blanche’s face. Pure sass.


These seasoned ladies have a lot of wisdom to impart when it comes to life, love, friendship… but also fashion. Here are some of the style lessons we’ve learned from the Golden Girls.


 Embrace Glitter, Shine, Sparkle


The girls are pros at working gold into their wardrobes (hence the name Golden Girls). They wear sequins, gold lam√©, shiny fabrics, and plenty of flashy jewelry, because why not? It’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re wearing a shiny jacket. One style tip on sporting gold and silver: if you’re going to go crazy with your shininess, try to stick to a classic silhouette or style elsewhere to balance it out.



Tights Make Everything Better

Blanche's Best Outfits

Want to wear shorts but it’s too cold outside? Tights. Want to wear a skirt but you feel a little self conscious that it might be a tad short? Tights. Want to tap dance in your living room but you’re a 60+ grown woman? Tights. Bonus points to Blanche for pairing hers with a loose chambray shirt. We have that exact outfit in our fashion repertoire.



Oversized Can be Chic

Blanche's Best Outfits

The girls are notorious for wearing oversized sweaters and coats–somehow they’re able to do so without looking totally frumpy. It’s all in how they wear the oversized sweaters, with plenty of jewelry and good posture.


Big Glasses

Sophia Golden Girls

Big glasses can take any ordinary outfit and make it fabulous. Look at Sophia, just chilling in her robe. Add some vintage, large-framed glasses and bam! She’s instantly stylish.


Preppy Is Always In

Dorothy from The Golden Girls

Dorothy is queen of wearing a properly tailored blouse beneath a cardigan for an effortlessly preppy look. She looks sophisticated, but still stylish in a timeless sort of way. If you feel a little too fussy in a preppy outfit, roll the sleeves like Dorothy does to loosen things up a bit.


Shoulder Pads

Dorothy from The Golden Girls

Another Dorothy staple that effortlessly elevates an ordinary outfit into chic status without any effort. Fitted coats and sweaters that have an appropriately sized i.e. not massively huge shoulder pad situation can give a little fashion perspective to your outfit. If you’re going to exaggerate a proportion, make sure to pick one and stick with it; it might not be a great idea to go big shoulder pads AND oversized belt, plus a statement hat, you know what we mean?

Posted 6 years Ago
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