Overalls are back in a big way. Every time we flip through a style magazine, we see our faves Alexa Chung and Emma Stone sporting cute denim dungarees straight out of the ’90s.

The thing about overalls is that, though they look absolutely effortless to wear, they’re admittedly kind of tricky, and definitely trickier to wear than when you were a tot.

Here are some hints that will help you wear this ’90s throwback trend.


Pick a Slimmer Silhouette


How to style overalls

The overalls of our youth all came in one cut: baggy. The shorts kind were baggy, the pants kind were baggy, the baggier the better. Since the skinny jean renaissance of 2004, that baggy silhouette stayed in it’s proper place: the past. Now, much slimmer versions of long overalls, like these from Rag & Bone, are available all over the place so that you can rock the trend without sagging all over the place. Plus, this particular cut looks really great with heels or tall sandals and a longer drapey sweater or trench.


Go Boyfriend Cut

How to style overalls

If you happen to be particularly fond of overalls precisely because they’re so baggy, perhaps try trading the traditional cut for a more boyfriend cut version like these from American Eagle Outfitters. Still loose and effortless, they have slightly more structure, and look great cuffed. Make sure to add something girly elsewhere in your outfit to keep from going too tomboy.


Return to Childhood


How to style overalls

When wearing overalls, you have to know that the result is going to be much more youthful than a typical pair of jeans or shorts. That bib in the front instantly screams of childhood, but that’s okay! You might as well embrace the youthful vibe that comes with wearing overalls. Try a more mature blouse or d’orsay flats to counterbalance the overalls, instead of equally kid-friendly sneakers.


Try a Different Type of Overall


How to style overalls

Now that overalls are back “in,” companies like Free People are creating variations on the classic silhouette that play with the proportions and shape. This high-cut version is super simple, and we love the ring feature in the back.


Posted 6 years Ago
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