Our Dream ’90s Disney School Supplies

The best part of going back to school, was of course, the school supplies. Us ‘90s kids had it made back in the day, with a plethora of Disney-themed trapper keepers and pencils to choose from. This serious bout of nostalgia (we miss you 101 Dalmatian backpack) had us daydreaming about what ‘90s school supplies we wish we could have today. So, we asked one of our designers to create the ultimate back-to-school necessities that every ‘90s kid needed then, and still totally needs now.




1. Aladdin Backpack – Multiple colors, giant graphics, this is the stuff toting books was made for.

2. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Folder – Math homework would be much more appealing in this bright folder. Also, that theme song really was the best.

3. Mulan Pencil Bag – Mushu the ultimate guardian… of our gel pens and obnoxiously bright highlighters.

4. DuckTales Lunch Box – How awesome would it be to bring your PB&J sandwich in this lunchbox?

5. Beauty and the Beast High Tops – High tops were the must-have sneaker of the playground, and adding Beauty and the Beast only makes them better.


What ‘90s Disney School Supply do you wish you could have?


Posted 6 years Ago
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