Our Top 6 ’90s Disney Fashion Icons

In today’s world, we have a plethora of options when it comes to finding style inspiration. Between fashion bloggers, online magazines, and social media, there’s alway some place new to look for outfit ideas. Back in the ‘90s though, we didn’t have all that newfangled technology. We looked to our favorite Disney shows and movies to figure out the best ‘90s outfits. Which Disney gals were our fashion icons? Here are our top picks:


Topanga – Boy Meets World

Topanga 90s Answer

When we first meet Topanga,  we were awed by the way she embraced her weirdness, said things that were wise beyond her years, and of course, her hippie style. Nobody rocked a denim vest like her, and she made us want to wear long floral dresses every day to school. And try as we might, we could never grow our hair to be as long and glorious as hers. Topanga always stayed true to herself, which is one of the most important style lessons of all.


Allison – Hocus Pocus

Allison Hocus Pocus

Allison might not be top of mind when it comes to ‘90s fashion icons, but we definitely think she deserves a spot on our list. She’s super smart and has a kind of confidence that we can only admire. Her Halloween costume at her parents’ party is top notch and she obviously wins for best house. She also has that awesome red coat that makes us wish we had an actual Fall to enjoy (le sigh).


Sabrina – Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Speaking of witches, let’s talk about our favorite teenage witch, Sabrina. She pretty much rocked every ‘90s trend in the book and we love her for it. From chokers to shiny fabrics and babydoll dresses, Sabrina wore them all.


Hallie and Annie – The Parent Trap

Hallie The Parent Trap

Be honest with yourself, you totally dreamed about going to summer camp and meeting your long lost twin after you saw The Parent Trap. We, however, could only pay attention to Hallie and Annie’s awesome style. First you had Hallie, who was just too cool for school. With her denim jackets, blue nail polish, and love for Leonardo DiCaprio, she had an effortless style that we will always envy.


Annie The Parent Trap

On the opposite side of the twin fashion, there was “I have class and you don’t,” Annie. Her matching suit sets, headbands, and fencing skills were the stuff of preppy dreams. Trying to pick which sister has better style is like trying to choose between Oreos and peanut butter. You just have to have them together!


Zenon – Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon Answer 90s

There isn’t a single kid of the ‘90s who wasn’t jealous of Zenon Kar. She lives in a space station, she then saves said space station, and gets to attend the first space concert with Microbe. If that weren’t enough, she has the best space style we’ve ever seen. It’s not easy to pull off neon colors and sparkly scrunchies, but Zenon does it with ease. Not to mention, she came up with the catchphrase of the millenia, “Zetus Lapetus!” Zenon, you’re just the best.

Who was your ‘90s Disney fashion icon? Sound off in the comments below!


Posted 6 years Ago
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