An In-Depth Analysis of the Fanny Pack

There are two types of people in this world: those who love the fanny pack, and those who don’t. We’re happily counted amongst those who love this throwback purse of fun and function.

Perhaps it was popularized by parents in the ’90s, but no matter! The pack is back in a big way, and for good reason.


The fanny pack is a simple sort of accessory. Its form is based entirely on its function, which is to carry things neatly around one’s waist in a hands-free way. This is why the fanny pack is a very truthful accessory: at the end of the day, it is not a statement bag, it is not a pretty bag. It is a bag that holds things so that you don’t have to.

Because of this, it’s pretty hard to look cool while wearing a fanny pack. It essentially adds to your waistline, it constantly pulls on your shirt, and it’s hard to fish your Disneyland Annual Pass out from the pouch without looking kind of dorky. It has a snappy clippy thing that you have to fasten like a seat belt just to put the thing on, which is admittedly a little weird and oddly ceremonial.

Through the power of hindsight, the fanny pack has evolved from these humble and uncool origins to connote a type of retro coolness, a throwback aesthetic essential. Sometimes this happens, and it can’t be explained. Fashion works in mysterious ways.

Not just for parents on cross-country trips anymore, wearing a fanny pack is like giving a tip of the hat to the world that says “it’s funny looking, I know, but I’m wearing it anyway.” After all, haters are known to hate.

Whether it’s the charming irony of the fanny pack or its amazing functionality, when we started to see Disney fanny packs hit some of our favorite stores, we weren’t mad about it. We ignored the little voice in our brains that said “don’t do it!” and instead followed our hearts and bought one. Snapping ourselves into a Mickey and friends fanny pack, we proudly walked around the Park.

Shelby and Chanelle Fanny Pack

We’re not even kidding. Those are two Disney Style teammates up there wearing their Mickey packs to the Park.


Later, when given the chance to bedazzle any accessory we wanted, we chose fanny pack and never looked back. If there’s anything better than a fanny pack with a hidden Mickey, we don’t want to know what it is.

Bedazzled Fanny Pack

In conclusion: yes fanny packs are weird. Yes they do nothing for the figure. Yes, their only asset is that they free your hands from carrying a purse. But somehow, they just work, and we’re glad they’re back.

Posted 6 years Ago
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