Dapper Day Inspiration: Pongo, Ariel, and Miss Bianca

Looking for more Disney-inspired ensembles for Dapper Day? We’ve already covered Elsa and Mary Poppins, but we didn’t stop there. Next up, we have two more looks for the ladies with Ariel and Miss Bianca, and an outfit inspired by Pongo. Let the vintage clothing dreaming begin!


Shelby, Pongo


I love dressing boys and “dapper-izing” them, so I chose to do a menswear Dapper Day look. Though this look is inspired by Pongo, I wanted it to sort of look like something that his “pet,” Roger would wear, hence the homburg and grandpa sweater.


Emily, Ariel 




Since a mermaid tail is an impractical choice for a day at the park, I chose to put a vintage spin on Ariel’s look. I replaced the tail with a long green skirt, and added a crop top for some trendy edge. The seashell necklace and blue purse give the outfit an ocean vibe, while the red lipstick makes up for my lack of red hair.


Tatyana, Miss Bianca


Bianca from The Rescuers is the most stylish member of the Rescue Aid Society. To represent her timeless style I chose a white dress with some classy purple and red flair. With this Bianca-inspired outfit she’d be ready for any and every worldly adventure. 

Posted 6 years Ago
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