Alice in Wonderland Costume Sketches

Before the characters ever grace the screen of your favorite Disney films, their costumes often start from sketches by the costume designers. It’s in this stage that the characters start to come to life, as the costumer designers develop how the clothing of the film will help tell the characters’ stories.


There’s no better example of this than these sketches from Alice in Wonderland by Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood. Through these sketches you can see Alice transform from young girl to fierce warrior, and see all the stages Alice’s costumes takes throughout the film.


We especially love how Atwood mapped out Alice’s shrinking and growing. There’s also some pretty epic art of the Red Queen and White Queen’s costumes as well. It’s clear that Atwood took a lot of care and consideration when creating these whimsical costumes, and they are truly fitting for the wonderful world of Underland.


Posted 6 years Ago
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