How To Win At Style: The Story of Giselle from Enchanted

Once upon a time, there was a fair maiden named Giselle. She lived in the fairytale kingdom of Andalasia, but was magically transported to New York City. Throughout her adventures, Giselle always had that most amazing outfits that made all the people in the land (also known as us) extremely jealous. Her whimsical style may seem out of place in modern times, but Giselle knows exactly what she’s doing.


When we first meet Giselle, she’s already nailing the perfect bohemian vibe that we’re always trying to get. Flowers in her hair? Check. Flowing, off-the-shoulder dress? Definitely. Bare foot? Naturally.

Giselle Enchanted Pink Dress


On her wedding day, Giselle does what any stylish girl would do: go completely over the top for her big day. With her woodland friends by her side, Giselle is ready to walk down the aisle.

Giselle Wedding


But, Queen Narissa sends Giselle to the land of no happily ever afters, Giselle is still wearing her wedding dress. This might be a bit impractical to wear a poofy wedding dress in a giant busy city like New York, but that’s not a problem for Giselle. She still looks as amazing as ever.



Seriously, check out the skirt on this dress. Not just anyone can pull off a hoop skirt like Giselle can.



Also, let’s discuss the fact that Giselle made her wedding dress. Oh and all of her other dresses, too. She’s so talented and we can barely sew a button back onto a shirt.

Giselle Enchanted Curtains


With her beautiful dress made out of curtains, Giselle takes New York by storm. Singing in Central Park, causing a ruckus at a pizza parlor, Giselle is always the picture of fairy tale perfection.

Giselle spinning around in NY


Giselle’s other dress is fashioned from Morgan’s bedsheets. How is it that she always has the right balance of whimsy in her ensembles? The ruffled top and full skirt are the perfect combination.



For the ball, Giselle’s style goes through a transformation. Instead of her princess-like dresses, she dons a modern purple gown with a crystal neckline. It’s a departure for Giselle, but this dress is beautiful in its simplicity.



Finally, Giselle finds her happily ever after with Robert (Yay McDreamy!) and opens up her own fashion company, designing the most awesome dresses. This is seriously our dream job.



So with that, we salute you Giselle. You win at style no matter what you wear. We can only hope to channel a bit of your marvelous style in our daily lives.


The end.

Posted 6 years Ago
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