Let’s Talk About the Fashion from The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries is one of those films that you can’t help but love. There’s the classic girl-finds-out-she’s-a-princess plot, an amazing make-over sequence, that guy from Brink, pizza apologies, and of course, Julie Andrews. And with the royal storyline,  you know this movie has to have a lot of wonderful style moments. So, travel back with us to the year 2001, as we review what made The Princess Diaries so fashionably great. 


First of all, we loved their school uniforms so much, they made us want to ditch our regular school clothes for these. We would totally wear the tie and collared shirt combo every day.

Princess Diaries Mia School Uniform


Also, Lilly accessorized her school clothes with an otter backpack. She’s the only person who could pull that off.

Princess Diaries Lilly


And of course, there was the epic transformation scene when Mia went from average San Francisco teen to princess material. We wish this would happen to us.

Princess Diaries Transformation


Queen Clarisse also had some great style. This blue sparkly dress is our favorite.

Princess Diaries Dinner


Another way to up your style game? A really cool car, which Mia totally rocked. All our dreams of owning a Mustang stem from this movie.

Princess Diaries Mia Car


Queen Clarisse is flawless. She can do no wrong.

Princess Diaries Queen


The best of the best fashion from The Princess Diaries goes to Mia’s final dress. The beautiful detailing, the white gloves, the tiara… it’s the combination that makes for magical style moments like this.

Princess Diaries Mia Gown


What’s your favorite moment from The Princess Diaries?

Posted 6 years Ago
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