From the Purse of: Edna Mode

Fact: Edna Mode is the very epitome of Disney Style. Her attitude, amazing advice, and super creations exude the definition of fashion. That’s why this week, instead of taking a look inside the hypothetical purse of a Disney Princess, we’re checking in on what we think one might find inside the purse of Edna Mode, designer to super heroes.

From the Purse of Edna Mode

┬áSunglasses: Edna has a lot of signature items. Signature black scaley overcoat, signature structured bob, and of course, her signature black, circular spectacles. Imagining what she might tuck into her purse while she’s on the go, we chose these perfectly circular shades by Monki that evoke her usual pair of readers.

Lipstick: Edna is all about simplicity, hence her all-black ensemble (which we clearly recreated here). That’s why we think she’d love Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit lipstick that appears black, but actually becomes the perfect shade of dark berry red when applied.

Notebook: Edna would naturally need a notebook to jot down notes and inspiration while she’s sitting front row at a fashion show. This one from Fab.com says “Time Is Now” which of course reminds us of Edna’s most famous line, “I never look back, Darling, it distracts from the now.”

Fountain Pen: Though Edna is always a fan of function over form–the no capes rule and all–some old standbys are classics for a reason. That’s why we think she would write in style with a beautiful fountain pen, like this one from Montblanc.

Camera: While fitting a model or perhaps dressing a super hero, Edna might need to snap a few photos, so we’ve included in her bag a handy Polaroid camera.

Classic Bag: Some things, like Edna herself, are timeless. Edna is not the type of lady to rush out and buy every new “it” bag that comes into fashion. She’s wise enough to know to stick to the classics than to follow every trend. That’s why we’ve equipped her with a vintage, black Chanel bag that will always be in style.

Intentionally Omitted: A cape, because obviously Edna would never stand for one, obviously.

Posted 6 years Ago
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