Happy Anniversary, Pocahontas!

To celebrate the anniversary of our beloved Pocahontas, we of course did our favorite thing ever: create an outfit inspired by the film!

This was of course super easy, as Pocahontas has some of the most iconic and easy-to-achieve styles out of all the Princesses. Her look is simple, streamlined, neutral in tone, and presents the best opportunity to include as much turquoise jewelry as possible.


We chose a loose silk dress from H&M that is as effortless as Pocahontas’s one-shoulder dress. We had to find a beautiful statement necklace to match the gorgeous one her father gives her in the film, which had once belonged to her mother. We added a red bracelet to match the red design Pocahontas sports on her arm. Since we can’t exactly run barefoot through the forest, sadly, we went with the most neutral and simple of sandals that we could find (these are from Bebe).


Now if only we could figure out how to get our hair to epically wave in the wind while leaves flow through it. Sigh.

Happy Anniversary, Pocahontas

Posted 6 years Ago
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