Why We Love Frozen Fashion

Now that we’ve had multiple opportunities to watch Frozen, we’ve really grown to appreciate all the beautiful details and work that went into Anna and Elsa’s clothes. These two sisters are quite fashionable for their time, but their style can be appreciated even in our modern times. Because we love the fashion of Frozen so much, we decided to break down all the reasons why it’s so great:




We’ve already reviewed just how on trend rosemaling is right now, and we still can’t get enough of this pattern. Upon further viewings of Frozen, we never realized just how much rosemaling plays a part beyond Anna and Elsa’s clothes. It can be found in the tapestries in the ballroom, on the doors and hallways in the castle and all of the furniture and textiles in Anna and Elsa’s rooms. It’s a pattern that’s versatile and unique, making it a beautiful addition to anything it is on.



Frozen Anna The Swing

When Anna is running and singing through the castle, all we could pay attention to was the amazing pleats of Anna’s dress. This dress has amazing swoosh factor (when you spin and it looks all neat and pretty). It’s the perfect dress for dancing through the night and finishing each others sandwiches.



Anna's Cape Visual Development

Capes are definitely a fashion item that need to a make a comeback. Yes, we know they don’t always work for superheroes, but the ladies of Frozen prove that capes are not only functional, but beautiful as well. We love that Anna’s winter cape has those cute pom poms and the beautiful jewel detail of Elsa’s coronation cape.


Vibrant Colors

"FROZEN" Anna visual development art. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Not everyone can wear bold color combinations, but Anna pulls it off. Frozen’s art director, Michael Giamio said, “for Anna’s travel outfit, I wanted something that would be really striking and bold, yet elegant. She’s a princess, and that blue skirt says royalty, as does the magenta cape.” We’re going to start putting together black, magenta, and blue outfits now.


Elsa’s Ice Dress

Elsa Transform

Elsa’s ice dress is a true work of art. The bodice has beautiful individual crystals, and the dress truly shines with sparkles and snowflake details. Kim Wilson, a sim lead on Frozen, described Elsa’s style as “stylish, original, and confident. From the column dress complete with leg slit and train, to the ethereal frost cape… Elsa makes a statement.”



Anna Shoes Visual Development

Beyond Cinderella’s glass slippers, we don’t always pay attention to footwear in Disney movies. With Frozen though, we experienced some major shoe-envy. First off, Anna has these great winter boots that have an intricate embroidery on them. Second, Elsa creates the amazing ice shoes that emulate the pattern of her signature snowflake. These two pieces of concept art show just how much work went into designing Anna and Elsa’s footwear. It makes us feel better about taking 20 minutes to decide which shoes to wear with our outfit everyday.

Elsa Shoes Visual Development


Amazing Details

Elsa and Anna hug in Frozen

From the heart shaped clasp on Anna’s winter coat, to the little snowflakes sprinkled throughout Elsa’s braid, there are so many small details that we love discovering after watching the film. If you look closely, you can even see the fibers of Anna’s winter dress, which helps to create the wool texture of her clothing. It’s those little things that help bring the film to life in a whole new way.

Posted 6 years Ago
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