We focus on women’s fashion a lot, admittedly, but we recently got some requests for more #menswear. (Yes, we heard you on Twitter!) As luck would have it, we also recently rediscovered what amazing vintage style Carl Fredricksen has.

His fashion over the years ranges from classic to dapper. From the early years of his marriage to Ellie, all the way to his adventures in South America, look no further than Carl’s suspenders and glasses for some menswear inspiration.


We concocted some very stylish but still very wearable versions of Carl’s outfits for your styling pleasure.


#Menswear Inspired by Carl from Up

Our first Carl-inspired outfit is basically grandpa chic. We incorporated brown tweed wherever we could, but balanced out the dark coat and pants with slightly brighter oxfords and a blue shirt to add a little brightness to the color palette.


Shirt by H&M, Ovadia & Sons trousers, jacket from Farfetch.com, wallet by Flud Watches, shoes from Asos



#Menswear Inspired by Carl from Up

This next outfit is picnic-perfect. Inspired by Carl and Ellie’s picnic on the hill, it’s bright and cheery, but we added a little edge to bring it into the modern era. Instead of a coat, we decided to layer a butter button down with a cream henley, but still add a bright blue tie. To keep the outfit from being costumey, we chose skinny black jeans and white Vans, and of course, Carl-approved glasses.


Shirt by Old Navy, jeans by Rag & Bone, henley by Jack & Jones, shoes by Vans, tie by American Eagle, glasses by Ray-Ban



#Menswear Inspired by Carl from Up

Finally, we couldn’t put together a series of Carl outfits and neglect one of his most bold fashion statements: the suspenders. Now, suspenders are not the easiest accessory to wear, but just give them a try in the spirit of adventure.


Suspenders by Brooks Brothers, shirt by Polo by Ralph Lauren, sweater by J Lindenberg, glasses by Ray-Ban, chukka boots by CK Jeans, jeans by Paul Smith

Posted 5 years Ago
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