Let’s Take a Look at the RDMA “Swag” Category

Are you ready for the Radio Disney Music Awards this weekend? This year the RDMAs will boast a new category for the “You’ve Got Swag!” Artist With the Best Style award. Let’s take a moment to analyze this years nominees based on their capacity for swag. Don’t forget to listen to the live red carpet broadcast on Radio Disney this Saturday at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.


RDMA Swag Nominees: Zendaya

Zendaya is working her way to straight up fashion influencer status this year, what with hitting up runway shows at Fashion Week, and even launching her own fashion Tumblr blog, of which we are huge fans.

She has a signature style all her own–a cool mix of edgy, contemporary pieces with some pops of color and more casual urban accessories thrown in. She’s always trying out new techniques in makeup and nail art, and isn’t afraid to take a chance on a daring new trend (see crazy nail art and gloves below), so we can definitely see why she made the RDMA Swag category.

RDMA Swag Nominees: Zendaya


Becky G

RDMA Swag Nominees: Becky G

Becky G is so cool, she doesn’t even need a full last name–just the “G.” Ever since we first saw Becky G’s video for “Play It Again,” we fell in love with her bright eclectic style.  She’s one of those rare folks who can embrace even the trendiest of new trends and somehow carry it off. Once Becky G came on the scene, we suddenly wanted giant gold hoop earrings–actually we wanted gold everything, and light-up baseball caps, and bright patterned leggings. You get the idea. Maybe it’s just because clothes look cooler when you’re rapping, or maybe it’s because Becky G just has that much swag, but we definitely understand why she was nominated this year.

RDMA Swag Nominees: Becky G


Austin Mahone

RDMA Swag Nominees:  Austin Mahone

The lone boy in the Swag category, Austin is best known for his hats. Okay, he’s known for a lot more than that, but we’re talking fashion here. Austin has the perfect mix of effortless urban street style and boy next door looks, which is probably why he’s endeared himself to so many fans. His mastery of plain white tanks and chains has earned him his spot in the RDMA Swag category.

RDMA Swag Nominees: Austin Mahone


Who do you think should win the RDMA “You’ve Got Swag!” award?

Posted 6 years Ago
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