Prom Inspiration: The Little Mermaid

If you always felt you belonged in another world or time, then an Ariel-inspired prom ensemble might be the way to go. This was probably the most fun prom outfit to put together since Ariel’s love of old trinkets allowed us to have fun with vintage accessories.


We decided to pick a very classic and somewhat retro dress that would compliment Ariel’s love of thrift shop finds. That’s an important lesson in figuring out the perfect prom outfit: not everything has to be brand new or top dollar. A not-so-pricy cuff can still be fancy enough for prom and help you to stand out from the crowd.


Prom Inspiration: The Little Mermaid

Sea foam green was an obvious choice for our favorite mermaid. We complemented the green with corals to really capitalize on the vintage theme, but also because coral, under the sea, ocean–see what we did there? Ariel’s treasure trove of gadgets and gizmos made us think she wouldn’t be a minimalist when it came to jewelry, so we went with multiple necklaces, bracelets, and bauble earrings that had a 1940s vibe. We also went retro with the clutch with a nod to Ariel with the seashell shape.


Not everyone can pull of purple and green like Ariel can, but we incorporated a subdued violet nail color as a nod to Ariel’s signature seashell top. For hair, we went a little bold with a red hair chalk. Maybe just a streak or two of red would be an homage to Ariel’s bright red hair, plus you’d get to work a fun current fashion trend into an otherwise vintage-inspired outfit.


1. Dress by ModCloth 2. Earrings from JCPenny 3. Necklace from Macy’s 4. Clutch from Macy’s 5. Kayla nail polish from Julep 6. Hair Color Chalk in Funky Orange 7. Bangles from JCPenny 8. Heels from Nastygal

Posted 6 years Ago
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