We Went to Disneyland with Leslie Kay of DisneyBound

Remember when you were a kid and wore your favorite Disney costume whenever you wanted? It was the easiest way you could show your love for Pocahontas or Woody. Nowadays, we can’t wear those costumes to the office or school (they’d be a bit snug too), but there is a way to capture that same spirit of our favorite Disney character’s outfits in a modern way.

Leslie Kay has created a social phenomenon with DisneyBound, a blog where she designs outfits inspired by Disney characters. Her outfit ideas have inspired people to create their own Disney character-inspired fashions and wear them any time, any place. It has become especially popular to DisneyBound at the Disney Parks, where it’s not uncommon to see someone dressed in the blues and whites of Belle or the red and yellow of Mickey Mouse.

This past weekend, Leslie Kay and fans of DisneyBound gathered at the Disneyland Resort to show off their fashions.


We can’t wait to DisneyBound next time we go to the Disney Parks. While we brainstorm our outfits, we’d love to know–which Disney character would you choose for your DisneyBound?


Posted 6 years Ago
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