Prom Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland

The themes found in Alice in Wonderland really lend themselves to the pursuit of a slightly more edgy or less-than-traditional prom style. Curiosity, nonsense, even absurdity, definitely whimsical and fun. These are the things we wanted to play around with while putting together an Alice-inspired prom ensemble.


We stayed true to Alice’s color palette and silhouette with a full, short party dress. But, to capture Alice’s more alternative and unconventional personality, we decided to try tall booties instead of the typical strappy heel worn to prom. It might seem like a weird concept at first, but trust us: booties and a prom dress can be just as fancy and stylish as the usual heels, and they’re definitely twice as comfortable.

Prom Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland


We included a leather headband as a nod to Alice’s black headband, and to add a dark accessory to help balance out the dark shoes. We found the perfect flower-covered purse that reminded us of Dinah’s flower crown or all of the flowers Alice meets when she finds herself in Wonderland.


Alice’s style is still very fresh and simple, so we went with peaches for her nails and lips in a hue similar to the light blue of the dress. And to tie it all together, a teapot ring, because guess what? Prom is no excuse to forget that it’s your un-birthday.



1. Dress by ModCloth 2. Headband by FarFetch 3. Clutch from JCPenny 4. Ring from Etsy 5. Elf nail polish in Coral Dream 6. Anna Sui lipstick in Creamy Coral Pink 7. Booties from ASOS

Posted 6 years Ago
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