Prom Inspiration: Princess Aurora

Prom planning season is officially upon us! If you haven’t yet called dibs on the perfect dress, we’re here to help you get inspired the Disney Style way with help from our favorite Disney characters.

Pulling together all of the elements for a perfect prom outfit can be daunting, so we’re looking to Princess Aurora to help guide our color, silhouette, and accessories decisions.

It was pretty hard to choose between blue or pink, but this round we went ahead and went with pink. To pay homage to her blue dress, though, we included a soft blue nail, similar in hue to the pink of the dress so it doesn’t clash too much. Plus, a light blue or mint nail against gold jewelry looks really great. The dress by Nylon is long and has some cool geometric angles that are reminiscent of the sharp angles of Aurora’s gown’s neckline and bodice.

Prom Inspiration: Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Michael Kors heels and a matching geometric gold clutch seemed like a natural fit for a princess. To harken back to a time before Aurora knew she was a princess, we included a gold twig bracelet; a natural accessory that’s an ode to Briar Rose’s afternoons in the forest.

Aurora is one of the few princesses who is able to wear her long hair down all of the time, even in her beautiful ball gown. If you’re going to go for long and loose tresses, be sure to use an anti-frizz or smoothing serum to keep your tresses neat and shiny all through the night.

1. Dress by Nylon, 2. Clutch by Michael Kors, 3. Nail Polish by Forever21, 4. John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum, 5. Bracelet by Max and Chloe, 6. Shoes by Michael Kors.

Posted 6 years Ago
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