Disney Accessories We Wish Were Real

How many times have you been watching a Disney movie and said to yourself, “Wow! I wish I could have (insert object) in real life.” We think about it all the time too, especially when it comes to some of the accessories we find in our favorite Disney films. Whether it’s an enchanted object or just incredibly useful, here are the accessories we wish we could have in real life.


The mermaids in Peter Pan have all kinds of hair accessories like seaweed crowns, lily pad hats, and our favorite, starfish. We’d love to be able to pin back our hair with this statement piece.

Mermaids from Peter Pan Accessories


A gift from the beast, Belle’s mirror might not be as impressive as the library, but we’d sure like to have it. It’s magical and shows you anything you wish to see. Besides, this mirror would be way cooler to use than just a little compact mirror.

Belle in Beauty and the Beast Accessories


Packing our purse always bring the challenge of trying to fit everything we need. Enter in Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. No real bag will ever compare to this carry-all wonder.

Mary Poppins Accessories


Elsa’s textured braid has been all the rage as of late and we are obviously huge fans too. What we love most though are the little snowflakes scattered throughout her braid. She even has a snowflake holding the braid together. How cool is that? (Pun quasi intended.)

Elsa from Frozen Accessories


Capes are awesome; we have already established this. But Anna’s cape is the one we would choose to keep us warm during an internal winter. It has pom poms, a heart shaped clasp, and a matching hat.

Anna in Frozen Disney Accessories


Picking one princess crown is a difficult decision, but we ultimately ruled that Rapunzel’s tiara is our favorite. We love the swirling details and pops of color. It makes us wish that wearing a crown was more acceptable on a daily basis.

Rapunzel in Tangled Accessories


When it comes to footwear, there is no one we are more envious of than Cinderella. If glass slippers could lead us to our true love, we’d gladly wear them.

Cinderella Accessories


We’re well aware that dinglehoppers exist in real life under the alias of the fork. You can even get a dinglehopper-shaped hair brush from the Disney Store. But there is something so quintessential about Ariel’s dinglehopper that we wish we could have it for ourselves.

Ariel Accessories


Which Disney accessory do you wish was real?

Posted 5 years Ago
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