Leslie Kay’s Top 10 Tips for DisneyBounding

In honor of our first trip to Disneyland for a DisneyBound meet-up, asked Leslie Kay for her top 10 DisneyBounding tips for achieving the perfect character-inspired look.

Thus far, she’s definitely helped us comb through our current closet inventory instead of hitting the mall for a brand new outfit. Plus, we learned to plan ahead and not just hit the mall without a blueprint in order to avoid getting totally overwhelmed by all the choices.

Top 10 DisneyBound tips


1. Have fun with it! DisneyBounding is all about having fun with fashion and Disney!
2. Check out what you have in your closet before heading to the mall! You’d be surprised how many Disney characters you have hiding in your closet!
3. Make a list before heading to the mall! There is nothing more frustrating than getting there and not knowing where to start.
4. Dissect your chosen-character’s color palette before putting together your DisneyBound. Note where the colors fall on your character’s body – and the percentage the color is prevalent.

Anna Frozen DisneyBound

5. Use the colors that are featured the least on your character as accent colors – for purses, or shoes!

6. Look for clues for what pieces you could choose for you DisneyBound within the character’s costume.

Buzz Lightyear DisneyBound
7. Animals are trickier to do, as they don’t usually wear clothes! Begin creating your animal DisneyBound by looking at the color of the character’s belly and paw fur. Build it out from there! (Owl Photo)
8. It’s all in the details! The best way to pull together your DisneyBound is by looking at what symbols and imagery are common to your character or your character’s story. Include those in your accessories!
9. Guys can do it too! DisneyBounding isn’t just for girls! It’s simple for a guy to bring his love for Disney into his every day style!

Posted 6 years Ago
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