Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Roger Radcliffe

Our exploration of Disney character style has thus far been very female and princess-based. It’s time to look to a Disney gentleman, so we turn to one of our favorites, and best dressed: Roger Radcliffe from One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


It’s really no surprise that we love Roger’s style. It’s been cataloged thoroughly on both the Style and Oh My Disney blogs. So let’s break down with beautiful visuals what makes Roger so dapper and stylish.


The main thing about Roger is that everything he does is so understated, like he’s not even trying; that’s because he’s not. His charm comes from his effortless, bachelor style… maybe also his British accent. Whatever the source of this #menswear magic, we like it, and urge all other Disney dudes to roll their sleeves and properly hem their pants.


Aanatomy of a Disney Character's Style: Roger Radcliffe



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Posted 6 years Ago
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