Get Out of That Park Style Rut With These Outfits

Any Disney Parks fan knows that it’s tough to be comfortable, rep your favorite Disney fandom, and look cute all at once on a long day at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Add tons of sunshine, hot, or cold, and it makes the situation even tougher.

The result: we kind of end up in a Disney Parks style rut. Sweatshirts and tennis shoes, whatever bag happens to hold the most stuff, whichever shirt happens to be clean. Definitely our favorite character ears, because obviously we still want to show off our love of Minnie Mouse. That’s what made us want to rethink our go-to park outfits with some silhouettes and combinations that embody our personalities, but are still comfortable, practical, and Minnie ears-friendly.


Get out of that Disney Parks style rut

There is nothing wrong with yoga pants, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. They can be comfortable, chic, and forgiving, if you wear them just right. For example, did you even realize the above outfit featured yoga pants? Maybe not. That was our goal. Pair them with a structured jean jacket and non-tennis shoes, and boom, you are suddenly sporty chic. Add a Peter Pan tank and handy cross-body purse and you’re all set for a comfy day at Disneyland.

Jacket by Theory, tank by Hot Topic, purse by Forever21, leggings by Kohl’s, booties by Aerosoles.


Get out of that Disney Parks style rut

As Dapper Day recently taught us, it is possible to look sharp at Disneyland, and still be comfortable. This outfit is sort of Dapper Day Lite–a quasi retro Peter Pan collared dress that is stylish in any decade, but paired with a practical purse and flat oxfords. The perfect ears for this outfit are of course the classic Mickey Mouse Club set.

Ears by Disney Store, dress by TopShop, purse by Forever21, oxfords by Lucky Brand.


Get out of that Disney Parks style rut

It is a truth universally acknowledged that it always feels warmer in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. That’s okay, though, because it just makes the ice cream taste better. For this reason, however, sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned casual outfit for a long day at the Park. The Minnie Mouse headband is a good solve for this, as it doesn’t cover your head and hold in the heat that the traditional hat might. This is the perfect occasion to bust out that old comfy Mickey tee that you love to wear and pair it with those worn-in jean shorts. Bright tennis shoes add a pop of color and a little extra fun because, hey, you’re at Disneyland.

Ears by Disney Store, shirt by Old Navy, shorts by TopShop, purse by BP, shoes by Vans.


Get out of that Disney Parks style rut

This last one is a little more grown up, but still super cute and comfortable. We were shooting for demure without being overly dull, which is a tough space to navigate. That’s why we added bright red Keds to the more washed out colors of the romper and cardigan (around your waist, just in case it gets cold!).

Ears by Disney Store, romper by Madewell, cardigan by J. Crew, shoes by Keds.

Posted 6 years Ago
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